Cem Cinar is the creative director behind ROUGE MARGAUX – Portrait by Le21ème.

Cem Cinar’s innate charm is not the only reason why we melt when he visits us. It’s also his vision on cultures that deeply touch MENAGE. His travel affaires: Paris, New York, Amsterdam, Hong Kong, Seoul, Tokyo (he adores it); and with more to come.

Rouge Margaux spring-summer 2018 pieces, already in the store, reflect the different and dynamic women Cinar creates for. Result of the one-world he believes in: “time to celebrate and accept our differences” he repeats.

Though his fascination goes primordially for big Asian capitals – especially skylines during midnight – Amsterdam’s creative hub is an important stopover within his design process. Rouge Margaux’s both lookbook and campaign have been shot by Adam Katz Sinding (Le 21ème) – the photo artist – who frames style with stunning rudeness as no one else.

Their collaboration is the right fusion to depurate the hidden sexiness Rouge Margaux stands for. Two male thinkers calculating female beauty, extracting it. With the same subversive eyes the emerging Cinar discretely flirts with Adam’s lens; gorgeous.



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