Craftsmanship for men: A.G. Nauta Couture S2018.

“Hard-to-track-down” is an exclusive category within men’s most wanted wardrobe, it goes beyond the street; and is defined by impeccability with a pinch of wild. Its users own fascination matches the intelligent garments coming from A.G. Nauta Couture, an Amsterdam based tailoring studio. Garments, meticulously handmade by two hands, Netty Nauta’s, the creative director herself.

Overexposure does not count here, and no one can dose enchant better than A.G. Nauta Couture. A brilliant feature of her work is that if we can’t read the difference between winter or summer fabrics, worn and mixed by one man, that same man couldn’t care less about it. The freedom to clash seasons and remain detached from trends characterizes the dynamic within her couture line. There’s no melancholy attached neither a vintage appearance. Instead, there’s a clever past designed into a timeless future dominated by comfort. Inspired once by a fisherman and workman, but now; worn with pride by the contemporary man.

Unwashed and unfinished seem far away from the digital filters we use to charm nowadays, though her love-made creations are men’s obsession as they are. Nothing touches a client like the herringbone blazer’s linen sleeves do, they fit him with a major sense of physical freedom and more of that.

#photo Astrid Zuidema

#model John Biesheuvel