Entrepreneurship is the backbone of MENAGE, a new fashion initiative opened since December 2016 in Amsterdam.

The history of the Droog Design space is one of fertile innovation, art and entrepreneurship. It is from within this environment that MENAGE – a new fashion store – opened last December. Located within the walls of Droog Design, MENAGE introduces a vibrant new shopping formula, with AnneMarie Kramer and Vanessa Tersteeg curating a shamelessly individualized experience for their customers.

The space chosen for MENAGE’ store is both emphatic and historically appropriate – the neighborhood was formerly home to Rembrandt, while the walls of the store once housed a reputable local silk maker. It is this combination of artistry and craftsmanship, which is at the heart of the MENAGE concept – only the best will do.

By moving away from the viral forces influencing contemporary fashion, MENAGE has created a space where creativity, ideas and curation combine to provide a fully immersive experience. Under the poised guidance of the team, clients can move gracefully amongst the handpicked collections, singling out individual pieces for closer inspection, before drifting into the Droog Café (10am – 7pm) to sip on a glass of Ruffino Chianti while facing the garden.

A day spent at MENAGE will always be more than just shopping. It’s about living!

MENAGE’ manifesto:

‘The hypervelocity of these two fanatic entrepreneurs with recognizable experiences within local and international spheres, guarantee the capacity and willingness to develop, organize, and manage their new business venture.’