Haeckels / Made of Margate at MENAGE.

It’s the coast-side that inspires creation, and it’s the long conversation with nature’s beauty that delivers daily energy in order to embellish us all. Introducing HAECKELS to you, a natural fragrance and skin care brand – all handcrafted.

Pools of water are found around this cliff laboratory in the English seaside town of Margate, containing chalk and fossil bearing rocks. A landscape that has provoked HAECKELS to HARVEST SEAWEED from the coast; with the idea of cleaning and taking care of its surroundings while designing beauty. Seaweed is the main ingredient of all skin care products, remineralize and revitalize, is the motto behind all formulas in order to reach your body’s inner beauty.

Ancient Greek therapy recipes are also compatible with the natural ingredients the area offers: seawater, seaweed, ocean mud and marine minerals. Around Margate, the regional oceanic climate means sunshine and mild temperatures, the appropriate ones to study how all products behave. Something very strict regulated by HAECKELS: ‘we test them all on human skin to get the closest to our soul’.

Our favorites:

Incense: from Wild Fennel, Chamomile, Juniper, Hyssop, Lemon Balm; to Bog Myrtle.

Geranium Hand Balm, a favorite from our staff.

Sea Lavender Lip Balm, often out of stock.

Sea Weed Bath Salt.

Cliff Breeze Candle.

Cliftonville Rain Candle, it gives an approx. burn time of 40 hours.

Healthy coastal tourism might sound absurdly niche, but we kindly suggest you trying Margate, you might end cleaning beaches; with the big chance of meeting founder Dom or his wife Jo around. Say hi from Amsterdam!