HEAVENLY BEAUTIFUL – Stylist Imruh Asha for Joya Mooi’s new video.

Within our MEN and WOMEN selections, we fully enjoy it when clients or stylists brutally turn both genders into single and powerful beauty; crossing the imaginary borders clothes can give us.

Imruh Asha’s vision – an imageteller in fashion and a pioneer in free thoughts – intercepts the precise time where that beauty exceeds its own boundaries to overwhelm us all, but still remains stunning.

For Joya Mooi’s new deeply personal track ‘I am not there yet’, an upcoming Amsterdam based singer, writer, and musician; Imruh Asha shelters her head-to-toe in full Marni by MENAGE MEN for the exact moment when she whispers: ‘be nice to each other’. The energy that leads Imruh Asha to combine shapes and colorful silhouettes into a revitalizing cocktail is provoked by ‘be nice to each other’, as she sings. He listens; he turns her into tender love.

The song’s angel words are extracts from a diary she wrote before her brother’s early death. A sad goodbye, but the song a creative remedy.

Her new EP Waiting Room is out on November 9th.

Here’s the clip, enjoy it!

Joya wears a virgin wool striped jumper, a houndstooth pattern tweed coat and a wide leg corduroy trousers; all by @marni .

Joya Mooi @joyamooi – ‘I’m not there yet’

#styling @imruh

#photography by @mounirraji

MUA by Hilda de Jong & Marsha Calori

#video by Rikash Gobardhan

#directed by @marieke

#specialthanks to @imruh